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Favorite Reporter

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brier Week Cheese Dogs

Random Brier week thoughts:

- Some strange results so far. Stoughton looks like he is playing in the Glenmore Intermediate as opposed to the Brier. Mead is cracking jokes, the front end looks bored, and Jeff is throwing his inturn like a Frisbee. Not sure if they will make it to the weekend, but if they do they will likely play better.

- I have never been a big Martin Short fan, but man that Capital One commercial where he plays the role of a cheesy PR guy, a cross-eyed hockey player, a cross eyed toothless goalie, a cross –eyed referee and a frustrated announcer trying to book a rewards flight at a hockey game is AWFUL. But it looks like they spent a pile of money on special effects, and they run the commercial about a zillion times every draw. Maybe next time, spend less money on the talent, more on the script writer.

- Bret Gallant looks horrible this week. The way he is playing, Gushue would not hire him to serve frozen yogurt at his shop, let alone play 3rd for him next year. Gush is going to have to stand on his head to make playoffs. I am hoping they lose a 5th game soon, so that TSN will stop showing them as the feature game.

- Quebec is having a strange week: they beat Cotter, then they lose to PEI. They beat Manitoba, then lose to Grattan.  Will the real team Ménard please stand up? They are still alive, but it looks like they will have to almost win out (including big games against Koe and Gushue) to make playoffs.  

- Was watching Cathy Gauthier introduce the Quebec team. She started going on about how Jean-Michel has to practice a lot, because he does not really get to play a lot of competitive teams in Quebec. Boo Cathy Gauthier. Her and Mudryk are awful – even for the early morning games. Have switched to Guy on RDS2, even though he keeps saying “pesanteur block de départ” instead of “hack”.

- Eddie Mackenzie made a nice early run to try to avoid relegation, but it will be too little too late.

- Surprised Nova Scotia is so bad. I have played these guys before, they are not as bad as 0-7.

- Kamloops looks empty. There are almost as few people watching as the Slams.

- Okay – I have heard about Jenny’s blown out knee and pregnancy. I get it. WFG stuck by her and threw more money at her, instead of ditching the pregnant lady with the bad knee. Good for them. But if I see this commercial again I am going to stick a Q-tip into my brain (have not received the Wax Vac yet). WTF WFG?

- I still like Koe to win, but damn he is boring to watch. He makes Stoughton look like Brock Virtue.

- I just don’t get why TSN, Sportsnet, RDS all need to have 7,000,000 people talking about the NHL trade deadline. And everyone has to have a countdown clock, and a team of talking heads discussing all the trades that will not happen. I just spent 20 minutes watching Bob Mackenzie texting someone. Can we just wait until after the deadline, and then tell me who went where? The trade deadline day turns all the hockey people into gossiping teenage girls.

- I think Scotties has to stop showing the commercial with Heather Smith-Dacey, unless the re-edit it to remove the Dacey out of it, kinda like Heather has done. (not to spread gossip, but she will be playing with Johnny Morris in Ottawa at the Canadian Mixed Doubles in a few weeks. Hmmmmmm)

- Johnny Mo has to market those green curling shoes. They look magical. I am thinking of getting a pair in Ruby Red, so I can click my heels together when it gets ugly.

- Highlight of the week so far: Balsy (Greg Balsdon) making a great shot in a losing effort to NB, then turning to the crowd and shouting “COME ON!” with his best Brad Jacobs impression. Magic. As expected Greg has been entertaining, and has added the term “Cheese Dog” to the curling vocabulary. I believe it is similar to the “Soft, stinky-cheese weight” that Scott Hill used to call.  Also here is a great link to Greg getting interviewed by John Morris: Morris and Balsdon


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