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Favorite Reporter

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Continen.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ok - here is my report on the Continental Cup....
There was some....curl....


I admit. I totally fell asleep every time I turned it on.
It was so boring, I looked forward to the Tim Horton's commercial.
It was so boring, I channel surfed to an infomercial for a vegetable slicer, and I don't even like vegetables.
It was so boring, I started reading the John Morris fitness book to pass the time. (ok it wasn't THAT boring).
It was so predictable, I was cheering for the Europeans.
They could at least have invited the young babe team from Sweden to at least have some eye candy on the ice. Or what about Jackie Lockhart? C'mon CCA, give me something to watch!

Seriously, I have a difficult time being a curling fan when it comes to these contrieved events. Does this event actually make any money? Or does it just funnel more money to the teams who need it the least?

Every time they showed the crowd, there were 10 sleeping seniors in the crowd. I think I saw more people watching my last club ladder game at Glenmore.

I think the CCA should try to work on events that make curling better, and this is definitely not one of them. Heard a rumour about an East vs. West team event in the works. That could be more interesting...and I would not have to watch the painfully boring American teams.

But honestly, I am a curling fan...and I think there is a real danger of saturating the TV potential of the sport. What is next? A curling reality show? Maybe a little scarcity would be a good thing.


Martin Ferly won the Laval Open this weekend. He beat Fred Marchand (who knocked off JM Menard in the semis) in the final.
Strangely, I played in this tournament despite my end of season malaise...and predictably lost to guys I had never heard of.
I think there was a seniors event on as well, but I was too sleep-deprived to notice.
I am not sure if it is because my curling pants look like I am wearing pyjamas, but this year I always seem to be getting draws that have me playing after midnight. (My Friday game ended at 1:30AM, Saturday 2:20AM). I am really crappy late at night. After midnight is meant for sleeping, drinking, partying, and ....,  not curling.

Oh - and I take back what I said about Luc Chevalier being a nice guy; he stole my fork on multiple occasions during the fondue dinner. Bastard.


Somehow forgot to mention last week that my illustrious 2nd at Glenmore won the Juniors last week and will represent Quebec at Nationals in Calgary. Bold prediction: Alana and team will make it to the weekend at Nationals.
Here they are...(they are not this blurry in person)

There is a spaghetti dinner at Glenmore this Friday to send them off with a few badly needed bucks in their pockets. Drop by if you are around, all are welcome.


Good news: I hear that RDS has picked up some curling. Apparently they will show 6 games during the championship season, with no less than Guy Hemmings doing the commentary.
I like Guy's commentary - but I think they needed to find the guy who used to do the mini-putt commentary on RDS instead. Here he is calling a birdie:


If this guy could make a sport featuring a guy in a cheap shirt putting with a $20 Sears putter at a crappy mini-putt that does not even have a windmill or a clown sound exciting...imagine what he could do for curling!

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