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Favorite Reporter

Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, we are but a few days away from the start of Quebec's first combined Men's and Women's provincial championship.

I have to admit, I am severely bummed about not being there.
I kinda feel like the girl who did not get asked to go to the prom. I think I will sit alone at home and eat ice cream.
To make it worse, Mike and Tom got asked to spare/5th man for other Montreal teams...so I really feel like the only serious curler who will not be in Gatineau this weekend.

I definitely intend to drive up and try to watch some curling...not sure when but Gatineau is pretty close, and there should be some hot curling. But it will be with a heavy heart.

I am guessing people are expecting some sort of prognostication - so here are the odds:

JM Menerd : 3-1
There is no clear favorite this year, but JM is as close as you get to one. They have won a lot this year, and still seem hungry. We need to see these pants at the brier:

Martin Ferland: 4-1
They have been up - they have been down. This team is tough - and they won Laval, the final tune-up before provs.  And they now have numbers on their jackets. Too cool.

Serge Reid: 6-1
Ok. This team has been a Cinderella story since last year's provincials. They went from rags to riches. My prediction: they will struggle this week - Its midnight.

Bob Dejardins / Frankie Gagné: 6-1
This team has been strangely good since dropping Bob to 3rd. They are my "Dark Horse" pick of the week.

Guy Hemmings:  10-1
New team with Simon playing 3rd. Prediction: Simon will get accidentally locked out of the arena while sneaking out for a smoke between ends, and will have to buy a $10 ticket to get back in.

Danny Bedard:  10-1
Streaky Team - have never looked all that spectacular this year.

JS Roy: 8-1
They won the circuit - but that was pretty much all they did this year. I can't see them winning, but they can beat anyone as well.

Everybody else (Martel, Lawton and Briand) 40-1, and I will say 10-1 against any of them making the playoffs. However, these are not bad teams, and can beat anyone. They will likely play the role of spoiler, because you know that one of them will beat a big name.

For the women's, I will not run through all of the teams. Only 6 have a real shot:

Eve Belisle: Defending champ has not been heard from much this year. But has the experience to win it all. 

Marie France: Solid line-up. Tough to not pick them to win. And they look cool in their Star trek Uniforms. Here is their 5th player...

Chantal Osborne: This team is overloaded with experience. Collectively they have more hearts than a Hallmark store on Valentine's day. Joelle Sabourin always seems to find herself on the team that wins.

Kim Mastine: A good team - but have struggled this year. Can they pull it together?

Joelle Belley and MC Cantin have an outside shot, but will more than likely play spoilers.

I will go out on a limb and pick Chantal to win at home.

If you are a curling fan in Quebec (or even Ottawa), you should try to go to provincials. The new combined format is supposed to make the event more accessible to fans - we need to show that we can fill an arena for a curling game.

Juniors: Junior Nationals are this week in Calgary! Good luck to Alanna and team.

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