Favorite Reporter

Favorite Reporter

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Curling Fans

Welcome to my blog.

Having far too much time on my hands between spiels - and due to the incredible lack of curling reporting in Eastern Canada - I have taken it upon myself to update the curling world on happenings from an insider's perspective.

So who am I? Most of you curlers know me. I am a journeyman curler from Montreal. I curl competitively on the Eastern Canada scene - mostly around Quebec and Ottawa.
I have never been to a Brier :-( , but definitely plan to some day.
I like to write. And - as you will all soon be the judge...I like to think I write pretty well.

So I will blog from time to time, usually to offer a preview of a big spiel - or to discuss results. I welcome feedback and comments. I will try to keep the content light and entertaining.

Pour mes amis francophones. Je regrette que mon Blog est en English. Comme cuex qui me connaissent savent, je parle assez bien le francais - et j'ecris assez bien aussi. Mais ca prend trop long temps. Mes excuses. Si vous voulez "poster" en francais - vous etes le bienvenue!

Anyway - will post some updates soon - including a preview of the men's season ahead.

So subsribe to my blog - post a reply! Its time we started talking about curling again.