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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scotties picks

OK - since so many of you have been asking...and my last blog entry did not include any...

Some picks for the Scotties:

1. Rachel Homan is by far the best women's team in the country. This is the best team to come out of juniors since John Morris. 
This team is insanely better then anyone else there. They peel like men (and I mean good men, not like a seniors men's team), and Rachel calls a good aggressive game. Rachel also looks like she has ice water instead of blood. They are calm, and look more mature than older more seasoned teams.
They will win. They have been beating women's teams while playing juniors for years now, they are ready to win at this level.
Yes I know it is easy to pick an undefeated team half way through the week - but I picked them before the week started. This will be the next dominating team in women's curling.

2. Jennifer Jones. Yes she is off to her usual brutal start, but when the chips are on the table, JJ is still the best clutch curler I have ever seen. If she makes the payoffs, she will make the finals -  But will lose to the Rachel Homan juggernaut.

3. Amber Holland (Sask). They have all of that solid trials experience, but are not yet ready to win a Scotties. Give them a few more years. They will make playoffs, then falter.

4. Marie-France: Not sure she has the horsepower to win it all this week, but look for them to finish strong and squeak into the playoffs, despite a slow start. Will likely have to play a tie-breaker against Kleibrink.

Kelly Scott - not this year. They look awful.
The maritime teams all look kinda average -there will not be a Heather O'Rourke / Erin Carmody again this year.

Some other thoughts:
I like the way Kelly Scott calls a game, I like the way she throws...but I just can't take the voice.
She sounds like the Church Lady from SNL.

(tried to find a link to a Church Lady sketch on you tube or the web - NBC keeps a pretty tight reign on this!)

Side note: I am amazed at how happy Kelly Scott and team seem to be when they are losing. I am not advocating broom banging or rage-a-holic behaviour...but TSN showed them right before the opposition threw an open hit to win...And they were chatting at the hog-line, laughing and making stupid jokes. Seems to me they are lacking a killer instinct this time around. (But who am I to criticize the on-ice demeanor of a 2-time champ.)


  1. Mike - to quote you "They peel like men (and I mean good men, not like a seniors men's team)".

    You and me, 20 peels. You promise to post the results in this column.

    -Lawren Steventon (59 and counting)

  2. This should be held during the intermediate!