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Favorite Reporter

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Brier...Rolling up the Rim and Green Soccerball flags

the Brier:

OK - firstly - I am not the @fakekevinmartin on Twitter. But that guys is hilarious. Definitely a follower. Wish it was me...

The Brier is my favourite TV sports event of the year. It always produces entertaining games, and I love hanging around a curling club watching the evening game with 30 or 40 armchair skips.

The Brier has been fun to watch thus far, although there are few surprises with the 4 teams pulling away from the pack (Nfld, Alta, Ont, Man). I think they are a notch above the rest - and will more than likely be the 4 teams in the playoffs.

Some observations so far: 

- Where did Brad Gushue dig up that lead? It is hard to believe he could not find a better curler on the Rock than that guy. Jeesh. He should get Russ Howard out of the broadcast booth with a fake Nfld driver's license.

- The Quebec team continues to struggle after a 2-0 start, dropping 6 in a row (and counting). Likely to finish with 3 wins at most. They needed Frank and Bob to be hot all week; they have not been. They look somewhat outclassed. Glad its not this year where the bottom teams would have to play each other for the right to have their province come back next year! (although I think they would beat PEI if needed)

- Martin, Stoughton and Howard look to be a notch above Gushue. Of these 3, hard to pick a winner. The Bear is obviously the favorite, but I think I am cheering for Stoughton. Its been a while since a toe-tucker has won the Brier...we are due.

- Is it just me - or do we need some more variety of teams? Where is the next big team? Have been watching Howard play Martin for years now...in the Brier...the Grand Slams...I am kinda hoping JohnnyMo leaves Martin as rumoured - at least it will shake things up.

- I made my son a chicken fajita yesterday. I put a green soccer ball flag on it. He smiled almost as widely as the dumbass kid in the M&M commercial, then dumped the contents of the fajita on his lap, and then stabbed his sister with the flag. I guess it really needs to be the M&M fajita.

- PEI would not go undefeated in the Glenmore A ladder.

- The TSN team doing the morning games is quite inadequate. I have an idea: for the morning games - TSN should bring in random armchair skips from across the country to do the colour commentary. It would at least add some entertainment value to the coverage. And who really watches the morning games anyway (apart from consultants "working" from home).

- If Newfoundland plays Alberta in the final - which team would Randy Ferbey want to lose more?

- Agree with fakekevinmartin, it is hard not to dislike the guy from Saskatchewan with the Justin Bieber haircut. C'mon.

- Chara deserves at least 20 games for almost killing Max Pacioretty. Bruins vs. Habs in the playoffs could be a classic. again. (not curling related, just needed to be said)

- Rolled up the rim this week and won!!!!....a donut. Carried around an empty coffee cup all week, then lost it before getting the free donut.

- Seems to me this Brier needs a story. It needs something to happen to add some excitement and variety. It need some controversy....or some trash-talking. It needs a rivalry. Most of all, the game needs another character. It needs Brad Heidt cracking himself in the head with his broom and then reaming out Mark Dacey in the finals. It needs Paul Gowsell stoned wearing crazy pants. It needs Guy Hemmings with mangled hair re-arranging the scoreboard when the lights went out. It needs Eddy Werenich.

I like Stoughton, and Martin and Howard but jeez these guys get dull after a while.

- What is the point of Jennifer Jones sliding across the floor in the grocery store to get her box of Scotties? They should re-shoot that commercial so that she cuts in front of Cathy O in the line-up at the cash.

will comment again at some point this weekend.


  1. Bring back the Ontario flag guy! I mean come on...the guy is 80 years old! Can you imagine telling Jimmy Savard to stop running with the Alouettes flag at the Grey Cup party?? Those Brier people are just crazy to tell people not to have fun.

  2. >What is the point of Jennifer Jones sliding across the >floor in the grocery store to get her box of Scotties? >They should re-shoot that commercial so that she cuts in >front of Cathy O in the line-up at the cash.

    LOL your best one today!

  3. Team PEI on eu une amende pour ne pas avoir joué le minimum de 8 bouts... Ce réglement ce veux une façon de s'assurer que les spectateurs qui paient pour assister aux games puissent voir des games...come on... 10-1 after 5.. il y a vraiment une game intéressante??? Je pense que bien des spectateurs vont regarder une des 3 autres glaces

  4. With regards to ur comment on Brad's new lead...a comment from Curling.ca website update...and a quote from Brad...

    “It was a tight one, looking dicey for most of the game,” said Gushue who proceeded to pay tribute to his sweepers Nichols and Danbrook who managed to turn three of Gushue’s shots from near-misses to just-made-its.

    “Those three shots were the only rocks I didn’t really throw real good and they made them all. Those two guys swept their hearts out. I’ve never seen two guys so out of breath. They did a great job for me today.”

  5. 3 Replies to comments:

    PEI should not be fined. They should claim they were all injured and could not continue.
    They played an extra end in their game this morning - the 7th!

    As for Brad Gushue's lead - he has picked it up a bit in the last few games...
    but as for his sweeping - there are a lot of guys who can sweep like a maniac for 100 feet when the skip yells, it does not make them great sweepers!

    Maybe the Ontario flag guy could run around with the M&M soccer ball flag from the fajita!